MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – Here’s the latest from the Michigan State Police concerning the wildfire smoke in the air over Marquette County.  We’ve included a recent statement from thew Michigan State Police as well.


Officials with the Department of Natural Resources are letting people know that the strong smell and presence of smoke currently in our area is not due to any forest fires in Marquette County.  The smoke is coming from forest fires in Canada.  Officials say the smoky air is due to a so-called “smoke inversion” that is caused by the current air patterns over the U.P. and is bringing the smoke across Lake Superior.  The fires are being reported near Lake Winnipeg in Ontario, Canada.  The D-N-R does have planes up in our our area looking for fires, but so far none have been found. The smoky air should clear as weather conditions change over the next 24 to 48 hours.





Canadian Forest Fires Causing Smoke over U.P.


A heavy layer of smoke covering the Central and Western Upper Peninsula is the result of forest fires burning in Ontario, Canada. Citizens across the affected area have been calling public safety officials with concerns about the smoke.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources spotter planes have been up this morning checking the area for the source of the smoke. Pilots report that the smoke is coming from Canada and is blowing across Lake Superior and over the Central and Western Upper Peninsula.

There are no reports of any fires in the Upper Peninsula.

For more on the path of the smoke, please click “HERE” for a map outlining areas in it’s path.