So here we go again!  Another prediction for Marquette County of  an impending blizzard that didn’t happen.  This has to be one of the oddest winters on record.  While areas to the south in Lower Michigan, Wisconsin and even Illinois have been pummeled with record-setting amounts of snow his season, those of us right here in Marquette have had to deal with very little overall snowfall.

Usually, the tables are turned and those visiting Marquette are amazed and bewildered by the usual amounts of snow that we seem to almost take for granted.  Not having those snows this year has also shown why we actually need them.  Many businesses, from hotels to outdoor gear and supply shops, have struggled due to the decline of customers coming to Marquette.

Think about it.  The average group coming to Marquette County to enjoy winter recreation either has four or five people, packed in a big ol’ SUV with a trailer packed with snowmobiles.  You know they spending at least one hundred dollars each per day on lodging, food, fuel and the various souvenirs.  Or for those who enjoy the silent sports, there’s more than a few Subaru wagons with a full roof rack of skis and gear and three or four skiiers who need places to sleep and food and drink to enjoy.  That’s money coming into Marquette County, kids!

Take that away due to poor weather.

Suddenly, those of us who live here year ’round and depend on the business the visitors bring into our coffers are looking at troubling balance sheets.  Not good.  Times are tough enough around these parts and having a weak winter is not a helpful thing.  So, as much as I grouse about the snow when comes and complain about winter hanging on, we need the snow and the cold.

Without it, we’d be sunk.

Just a thought.