City workers remove graffiti from picnic rocks in Marquette, MI.

Graffiti encouraging domestic violence against women that had been painted on a prominent natural landmark in Marquette, MI was removed by a city crew yesterday afternoon.

The graffiti read “BEAT YOUR WIFE” and was painted at the Picnic Rocks city park on the Lake Superior shore on an area of the rocks usually painted by local high school students commemorating their graduation.

As a photo of the graffiti circulated in the community, a group of concerned indiviuals said they planned to take a boat out to the rocks and paint over the message.  However, the City of Marquette told the group they did not want private citizens to expose themselves to any risk by going out on the water to get to the defaced rocks and put together a crew to remove the graffiti yesterday around 1-pm.

All parties involved say removing the graffiti sent the message that the Marquette County community does not support domestic violence of any kind.