Natasha Koss and Kerry Noble.

MARQUETTE, MI – Great Lakes Radio News – A new federally-funded program is working to allow Marquette city residents to have the energy efficiency of their homes evaluated for possible improvements and receive some funds to help offset the expenses of making those improvements.  The program is set up as a partnership between the Superior Watershed Partnership and the City of Marquette and is currently focusing on houses in South Marquette.

Natasha Koss with the Superior Watershed  Partnership and Kerry Noble with Home Evaluation Services visited the Sunny Studios this morning to discuss the BetterBuildings for Michigan program with Walt Lindala.  The pair outlined the various things that are looked at in evaluating the energy efficiency of a home and what steps you can do as a homeowner to make things better.

They also explained how homeowners in the City of Marquette can get involved and get on the list to have these evaluations performed.  The first ones will be coming later this summer or early this fall.

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