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Buck Buchanan, GUTS Frisbee Organizer

MARQUETTE, MI – Great Lakes Radio News – GUTS Frisbee makes it’s return to Marquette County this weekend at the 2011 U.S. Nationals Tournament at Hurley Field in Marquette.  The tournament will run all day Saturday and Sunday and is free for the public to enjoy.

Event organizer Buck Buchanan joined Mark and Walt in the Morning today to talk about the tournament and more.  Buck explained that the tournament is featuring 16 teams from all over the region competing for thousands of dollars in prizes.  He also talked about events going on Friday evening and Saturday evening for the public to enjoy and get to know the players and the game.

Buck also gave a brief history of the game and explained how it’s origins are right here in the U.P., making it one of only a few sports that can track it’s history to our area.

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