Here are results for Alger, Baraga and Houghton Counties from the general elections held on May 3, 2011.


Commission on Aging Renewal

Renewal of .5 mills for 5 years for the Alger County Commission on Aging.

Yes:921 No:212

MSU Extension Renewal

Renewal of .25 mills for 5 years for the Michigan State University Extension Service.

Yes:829 No:302

AuTrain-Onota School Operating Millage

Renewal of 18 mills on all property for the AuTrain-Onota School District.

Yes:73 No:82

AuTrain Township Roads

Increased of 2 mills for 5 years for road maintenance and improvements in AuTrain Township.

Yes:73 No:82

Munising Township Fire Equipment

Increase of 1.5 mills for 5 years for the purchase and maintenance of fire equipment in Munising Township.

Yes:141 No:109



Baraga Township Fire Millage Renewal

Renewal of 2 mills for 4 years for fire training and equipment.

Yes:82 No:102

Spurr Township Lakeview Cemetery Millage

Increase of millage rate by .25 mills for 5 years for the Michigamme Lakeview Cemetery.

Yes:36 No:49

Spurr Township Fire Millage Renewal

Millage rate increase of .25 mills for 5 years for fire department operations.

Yes:30 No:55



Adams Township School Bond Proposal

To borrow $1.7 million to remodel, furnish and equip school facilities for energy conservation and improving and installing new technology.

Yes:202 No:35

Village of Calumet Millage Renewal Proposal

Renewal of 3 mills for 5 years for operations and maintenance expenses in the community.

Yes:44 No:17

Lake Linden Emergency Services Millage Proposal

Increase of 1.75 mills for 6 years for police and fire operations.

Yes:64 No:43