Phyllis Loonsfoot at Picnic Rocks in Marquette, MI.

Phyllis Loonsfoot, with the Women’s Center and Harbor House Domestic Violence Shelter in Marquette, MI discussed her thoughts about the recent incident involving pro-domestic violence graffiti at the Picnic Rocks city park.  The graffiti, which read “BEAT YOUR WIFE” was reported to her by a concerned citizen, and following the placing of a picture of the graffiti on Facebook by Loonsfoot, the community stepped up to have it removed immediately.

Loonsfoot shared her thoughts in this exclusive interview with Great Lakes Radio News Director Walt Lindala about how it was very heartening for her to see how the community members and city officials rose up and worked together to remove the message.

She also gave information on how to find out more about the Women’s Center and Harbor House and their services.

To listen to the interview, please click “HERE“.  For more about the Women’s Center, please click “HERE“.