The Marquette Township Board of Trustees is continuing with an effort to gather and organize public input for the purpose of strategic planning.  The Board is strongly encouraging township residents to attend the scheduled meetings over the remainder of this month in order to make sure that their opinions are heard as the future of the township is developed.  The next scheduled public input session is on Thursday, April 15th at the Township Fire Hall at 6:00pm.  The final session is set for Monday, April 19th at the Township Hall.

The Board will also be holding two sessions at the Township Hall to consider the formal establishing of the strategic plan for the township.  Those meetings are scheduled for Monday, April 26th and Thursday, April 29th.  The meetings will begin at 6:00pm.  Township officials are asking a representative from each neighborhood in the township to attend each session in order to ensure all voices are heard as the strategic plan is developed for the rest of this year and into the long-term future of Marquette Township.

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