Don Gladwell, Esq.

Don Gladwell, Esq.

A full boat on the program today to say the least!  Thanks to Don Gladwell from the Negaunee Irontown Association to give us an update on the upcoming Heikki Lunta Winterfest coming up on January 16-18th in Negaunee.  He let us know that although there will be no snowmobile radar runs on Teal Lake this year, many of the other favorite activities will be going on.  That includes:


-Fishing Derby


-Winter Fireworks over Teal Lake

He also passed on information about the Keski Talven Juhlat (Mid Winter Celebration in Finn) that is being held on Sunday the 18th in the Old Town area.

Also, the group is looking for volunteers and YOU can get involved by calling Kristi at 486-8084 or log on to !  Catch the entire interview with Don Gladwell here in our “Interviews” section.

MAPS Superintendent Dr. Jon Hartwig.

MAPS Superintendent Dr. Jon Hartwig.

Later in the show, Marquette Area Public Schools Superintendant Dr. John Hartwig joined us for an update about goings-on in the district.  The discussions included a new virtual wing of the school district that feature on-line classes, a Lansing-based budget outlook, what to do with the Vandenboom School building in the coming years and getting continued public involvement in the MAPS Strategic Planning process.

If you would like to get involved, call the district at 225-4200 or log on to their website at  To hear the full-length interview check out our “Interviews” section.

Thanks for listening…and take a moment and get involved with these groups if you can.