Walt's Worldview

We are not as secure or as closely connected as we think we are.  Today showed me that we rely too heavily on technology.  It makes our world seem smaller, but ultimately, it is an illusion.  Technology as cutting edge as the latest wireless device or as antiquated as land line telephones and electricity meant nothing when the lightning struck.

Today, we lost power to over 50-thousand people in the Upper Peninsula due to lightning striking two electrical transmission lines that send power into our region.  It was the right mix of natural phenomena and mechanical failure that plunged us into the dark.  Land line phones went down and so did the internet.  Suddenly, we were isolated and we felt a lot farther away from each other.

Similar things have happened here before.  We have lost our full internet access and cable television when fiber-optic cables were accidentally cut.  An errant squirrel in a generating turbine has shut down a power plant.  That’s when we realize what it means when someone says, “You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone!”

It always makes me think that if (God forbid) another attack is ever made against us, it would make sense to kill our technology, and not our people.  One organized attack that seriously disables our national and local power grids, internet connectivity and communications systems will send millions in our country into a tailspin, resulting in mass panic and economic instability.  We would be ripe for the taking.

It kind of makes you re-think trusting that new iPad and iPhone, doesn’t it?  Maybe you’re not so confident about electronic banking and commerce now, are you?  You might even reconsider relying on whatever device you are reading this post on right now!

Maybe buying a cabin in the woods with a generator, wood stove, transistor radio and a good rifle isn’t so strange after all.

Just some food for thought.


-Walt L.