Packer Fan Mark Evans with the original note from February.

MARQUETTE, MI  – (Great Lakes Radio Sports) –  The ability to prognosticate the way the National Football League post-season playoff picture will assemble itself is not only a daunting task, but a distinctly challenging one.

Sometimes, however, there are situations that appear to be  so glaringly obvious that the average schlub can make the call.  Such was the case with the rapidly advancing Detroit Lions and our very own Mark Evans.  As a Green Bay Packer fan, even he saw that change was brewing in Detroit.  That the tide was turning.

Future Visionary Mark Evans with the original note with the Playoff Headline today.

Following a win in the last Super Bowl by America’s team, the Green Bay Packers, Mark made the bold statement that the Detroit Lions would make the playoffs at the end of this season.  He wrote it down and signed and dated the note.  It then was tacked to the wall in his office and did not come down until today.  Many Lions fans did not share the vision of Mr. Evans.

But retribution and validation came quickly and sweetly.

As many of you know, the Detroit Lions clinched a spot in the playoffs this past weekend with a win over San Diego.  So the note came down off of the wall and the glory was enjoyed by the Prestidigitatious Packer fan, Mark Evans.

Of course congratulations are in order to Mark for his vision, and to the Lions and their faithful (their aren’t that many out there).  Way to go Detroit!

Now get out of the way of the victory march of the Green Bay Packers!