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Paul Olson with the GLCYD

MARQUETTE, MI – Great Lakes Radio News– Organizers from the  Great Lakes Center For Youth Development say their upcoming U.P. Non-Profit Conference is filling up fast and people who are interested in taking part need to sign up as soon as possible.

Paul Olson, with the GLCYD, joined Mark and Walt in the Morning to discuss the conference as well it’s schedule and keynote speaker and to try and get listeners to register.  The conference is being held at the campus of Northern Michigan University and is coming up soon.

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NMU President Les Wong

MARQUETTE, MI – Great Lakes Radio News – As the Northern Michigan University campus in Marquette roared back to life with students, faculty and staff this morning, NMU President Les Wong joined Sunny 101.9 WKQS’s Mark and Walt in the Morningfor a look ahead to the new semester.

President Wong discussed some of the new initiatives underway on the campus as well as expectations with enrollment and working with students of all backgrounds and ages.  He also shared how the university feels the worst of the budget cutting is behind them and that they have “weathered the storm” in an effective and efficient manner.

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Series Producer Dan Truckey

MARQUETTE, MI – Great Lakes Radio News – The NMU International Performing Arts series is bringing another year’s worth of eclectic and exciting performers to the Marquette area.  Featuring a wide array of dancers, singers and musicians in styles ranging from the blues to klezmer music, this year’s series looks to be a hit.

Series Director and Producer Dan Truckey joined Mark and Walt in the Morning to outline the series and give out ticket and venue information.  The performances are being held in several locations, from the Great Lakes Rooms and Forest Roberts Theater on campus, to Kaufman Auditorium in Marquette and the Peterson Auditorium in Ishpeming.

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Natasha Gill and Dr. Steve Nelson

MARQUETTE, MI – Great Lakes Radio News The Marquette Food Co-op is looking into assessing the needs of local farmers in order to ensure a steady supply of high quality local food for consumers.  The Co-op has teamed up with M-S-U Extension, The Eastern Upper Peninsula Food Hub Project, and Northern Michigan University’s Center for Community and Economic Development to conduct a comprehensive survey of U.P. Farms that sell directly to consumers.

Natasha Gill from the Co-op and Dr. Steve Nelson joined Walt Lindala this morning to discuss the program.  According to Gill, the survey is inclusive of conventional, natural, and organic farms of all sizes.  Upon completion, only the compiled information will be shared with survey participants, the agencies working on the project, state officials, and those interested in U.P. agriculture.

To listen to the interview with Natasha Gill and Steve Nelson, please click “HERE“.  For more about the U.P. Agriculture Assessment, please click “HERE“.

Todd Goldbeck and Mike Plourde.

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – It’s time once again for an annual tradition in Marquette County that gives area high school football players who have just graduated one last chance to show their skills.  The U.P. Football All-Star Game is set for this Saturday at the Superior Dome on the campus of Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI.  This year, there is a new and exciting development.  The game will be broadcast on the radio on WFXD-fm.

Todd Goldbeck, organizer and spokesman for the game stopped in at the Sunny 101.9 studios to chat with Mark Evans about the events going on this week that culminate in the match on Saturday.  Also joining in was Great Lakes Radio Sports announcer Mike Plourde, who will be broadcasting the game from the Dome.

To listen to the conversation between Mark, Todd and Mike, please click “HERE“.  For more about the U.P. Football All-Star Game and what this week is all about, please click “HERE“.

(MARQUETTE, MI) – U.P. Power!  It’s a phrase Yoopers know well.  It means Upper Peninsula Power.  It stands for the collective spirit of those hearty souls who are natives or residents of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It’s usually used in the context of high school sports when an Upper Michigan team gets into the State Finals in their sport in Detroit or Lansing.  But it also means a lot more.

Yesterday, U.P. Power changed my life!

My trainer Doug and yours truly enjoying the vistas from the top of Sugarloaf Mt. in Marquette.

Now before you chalk this all up to some silly hype, take a moment and read on.  Yesterday, I did something I haven’t done in nearly 20 years.  I got off of my duff and went up one of Marquette County’s true gems, Sugarloaf Mountain.  I did the hike with my trainer from Ringside Fitness, Doug Latvala and my blushing bride, April.  It was a fun hike and I felt great when I got to the top of the mountain.

As I said, it had been 20 years or so since I had been up on the top of Sugarloaf.  The reason why I hadn’t made this trip in so long was because I had somehow made the hike into something much worse than it really was.  It wasn’t really that bad at all!    Heck, I wasn’t even really winded when I got to the top.  But over the years, I had psyched myself out of even trying.

Yours truly with the lovely missus, April, up on Sugarloaf Mt. in Marquette.

I had the chance to walk around at the summit and look down on Marquette and Northern Michigan University and all of the surrounding natural beauty.  That’s when I started to feel it…U.P. Power!  The power of the beauty and majesty of the Upper Peninsula and how lucky we are to live here.

Then I had a moment of clarity.

I thought to myself, “If this hike wasn’t so bad after all, what other things had I psyched myself out of?  What experiences had I missed out on without even trying?”  It was a moment of looking inward and realizing some changes are in order.

Hey, I’m not planning on taking up hang-gliding or bungee-jumping, but I am planning getting past my fears mental blocks to take the steps in my life to increase my personal happiness and success.  It’s time to put the fears and nay-sayers aside and step up!    Life’s too short to get mired in doubt and fear.

This Yooper’s planning on flexing his U.P. Power and moving ahead!

Let the games begin!

-Walt Lindala



Dr. Robert Wynn - Dr. Richard Rovin

Dr. Robert Wynn from Northern Michigan University and Dr. Richard Rovin from Marquette General Health Systems chatted this morning with Walt Lindala about this weekend’s Hope Starts Here Challenge.

The event is the only fund raiser for the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center, which is an unique collaboration between NMU and MGHS.   It gives students an inclusive and fully immersed experience as they learn about medical cancer research and treatment.   The event features both competitive running events and a duathalon as well as casual, family-friendly events for all to enjoy.

To listen to the complete interview with Dr. Wynn and Dr. Rovin, please click “HERE“.  For more about the Hope Starts Here Challenge and the Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center, please click “HERE“.

Northern Michigan University President Dr. Les Wong

Northern Michigan University President Dr. Les Wong joined Mark and Walt today to review the academic year that came to a close last weekend with Spring Commencement, which had the largest number of participating graduates in the history of the school.

Dr. Wong discussed the successes and challenges that NMU faced in the last year including a campus-wide bomb threat, a visit from President Barack Obama, a daunting financial picture concerning state funding and the largest alumni gift ever received by the university.

He also discussed the time line for the possible rounds of staff and program cuts and departmental reorganizations that are needed at the university due to the substantial cuts in state funding for Michigan’s public universities.

To listen to the complete interview with NMU President Dr. Les Wong, please click “HERE“.  To visit the website for Northern Michigan University, please click “HERE“.

Ann Gonyea - Great Lakes Center For Youth Development

Ann Gonyea with the  Great Lakes Center for Youth Development joined Mark and Walt to feature Excellence in Education activities planned this week for student and teachers in Marquette and Alger Counties.  She outlined several events including a dinner this evening at Northern Michigan University in Marquette to recognize students and the teachers that were influential in their success.

There are several other sessions and outings planned throughout the week for students and their teachers to take part in across the North-Central U.P.

To listen to Ann’s interview, please click “HERE“.  To log on to the Great Lakes Center For Youth Development’s website, please click “HERE“.



Another morning of all kinds of stuff going on on the big show, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We always find it to be more fun when we are full up with things to talk about.

From the latest adventures of the Negaunee Miners as they head downstate to Petoskey to continue on in the State Basketball Playoffs, to a chat with State Senator Tom Casperson, to a conversation with one of the speakers at Northern Michigan University who is visiting through the week.

Wow!  That’s busy!  Just the way we like it!




State Senator Tom Casperson called in to the show recently and discussed the current budget situation in Lansing and the plans put forth by the Snyder Administration.  Senator Casperson said that while he is in agreement with a majority of the plan, there are a few issues he has with it.

He also weighed in with his early impressions of the Governor Rick Snyder era and how it seems to be going so far.  Senator Casperson also talked about how receptive Governor Snyder is to listening to him about ideas and how they impact the Upper Peninsula.

You can listen to the interview with Senator Casperson by clicking “HERE” and visit his official website by clicking “HERE“.





Lois Beardslee, a prominent Native American author and artist joined Mark and Walt to talk about her work and what she will be discussing at a special presentation coming up tonight on the campus of Northern Michigan University.  She told us about some of the key points of her presentation as well about what she addresses in her writings and art pieces.

She was joined by April Lindala, Director of the Center For Native American Studies at NMU with an overview of the Indigenous Earth Issues Summit at NMU which is coming up Friday.  Lois Beardslee will also be presenting at the summit as well.  It will be held in the Whitman Commons on campus and starts at 9-am.

Lois Beardslee is speaking tonight at 7 o’clock in Jamrich Hall Room 102 on the NMU campus.  The event is free and open to the public.

To listen to the interview, please click “HERE” and to visit the website for the Center For Native American Studies, please click “HERE“.



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