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Hi, this is Walt Lindala. As you’ve heard by now, my good friend Mark Evans has left the fold and is off on a new career opportunity. And that brings some changes here, mornings for Sunny 101.9. I’m also away for a few weeks, working on other projects as well. But don’t worry. Walt Lindala will be back Monday March 4, with my new co-host Mike Plourde. Sunny will deliver you a fresh mix of the things you’ve come to Love, plus some new bits to help you get your day started right… So my U.P. Friends… stay close! Stay tuned and please pardon our radio dust so to speak, as we do our spring cleaning. The new season unfolds only on Sunny 101.9, and it’s fresh Each Day, on-line at  All our interviews and news will now also be posted to


Sunny 101.9 Morning Show, Interviews, and News

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The end of an era. "Mark & Walt in the Morning"

Friends – Today is an emotional day as the time has come for me to leave the morning show. I have accepted a professional opportunity that I simply could not pass up and as a result, my time at the station has come to close.

I thank all of you who have listened over the years and I will miss chatting daily with you. To all of you who have become friends through the show since we started in 1998, it has been a pleasure.

Stay tuned to the station as Walt will carry on the torch and will be joined by our colleague Mike Plourde. Walt is taking some personal time off over the next few weeks and Mike will be on Monday morning. Walt and Mike will be on together starting March 4-th.

As one chapter comes to a close, another opens and it’s important to remember that we can’t survive by standing still.


-Mark Evans

Steve "MOOCH" Mariucci and the Morning Show Gopher.

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – The Beacon House in Marquette is presenting a special fund raiser to benefit their efforts to upgrade some of the handicapped suites at the facility.

Beacon House supporter and National Football League commentator Steve Mariucci set the Beacon House up with a pair of tickets to auction off to the highest bidder to the Green Bay-New York playoff game this Sunday at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Sue LeGalley, with Beacon House joined Mark & Walt in the Morning to talk about this auction and more about the Beacon House in general.

To findout how you can bid on these tickets, and to hear the entire interview with Sue, please click on the audio link below:

Click To Listen To Full Audio

To log on to the Beacon House website, please click “HERE“.

Your hosts and the Morning Show Gopher at the Beacon House Golf Outing.

MARQUETTE, MI – As the year draws to a close, thoughts turn to looking back on the year that was.  We’ve had a great year here on “Mark & Walt in the Morning” in 2011 and we want to thank all of you who have listened in and have followed us on the airwaves as well as cyberspace.

The year has featured some great memories for us, including jumping into Teal Lake for the Polar Plunge, helping out families and youth groups with various fund raising and benefit efforts, covering major events and keeping you and your families informed about events and activities going on in Marquette County.

Hittin' the road to help out the community at McDonald's in Ishpeming.

We’ve also had another great year of meeting and chatting with all of the great guests we get to visit here in the studio and also out on the road.

Keeping in touch with all of you great folks really goes a long way in showing why Marquette County is such a great place to live and work!

Modeling our stylish costumes before the Polar Plunge into Teal Lake in Negaunee.

It’s also that time of year to look forward to 2012 and beyond.  We both feel that the new year is going to be a major one for us both professionally and personally.

Who knows what the future holds, all we can tell you is that we will continue to bring you the mix of entertainment and information that makes “Mark & Walt in the Morning” your favorite way to wake up and get your day started.

With our Milk Moustaches on, we wish you a Happy New Year!

We thank all of you and wish you a very Happy New Year and hope 2012 brings you all that you hope for!

Be safe this Holiday Weekend and we’ll see you next year!


-Mark & Walt 





Our winner, Darnel Chevrette, with the Hot Tub.

Thanks to everyone who joined us last night at the Country Lanes and Entertainment Center for our Nordic Escape Premium Hot Tub giveaway! It was a great evening and we congratulate the winner, Darnel Chevrette of Negaunee.

Thanks to all of the staff at the Country Lanes as well as the Mama Russo’s crew keeping everyone in beverages and tasty food.

Your intrepid morning show hosts at the party.

We’d also like to thank all of the sponsors, especially the folks at the Rec Depot in Marquette.  All of their support made for a fantastic time!

For more photos and fun from the giveaway, please click “HERE“.






Yours Truly with World Famous St. VINCE in Green Bay, WI.

Hey Folks!  I know I’ve made it no secret, nor has Mark, that this morning show is a Green Bay Packer friendly place.  We both love the Pack and cheer them on every season.

We are also true Packer fans who understand that although the team can have a great game going on the field, they can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on the turn of a dime.  We have watched Green Bay Football for years and we know the power the Packers have to screw up a game.

So it is with some guarded optimism we watch the team get off to a 3-and-0 start this year as the defending Super Bowl Champions.

As for that moniker, “defending Super Bowl Champions”, ask any true Packer fan what they felt like when the Pack won the whole block of cheese last year.   If they tell you any answer other than “shock and disbelief”, they’re not real Packer faithful.   Real Packer fans don’t carry an air of domination or swagger.  They know how lucky we are and don’t take any of it for granted.

So anyway, with a hearty “GO PACK GO!”, we cheer on the Green Bay Packers and hope for the best.  Ya gotta admit, things are going well so far!





Mark and Walt and the team's spiritual mentor, the Caddyshack Gopher on the Greywalls Golf Course.

Mark and I would like to thank all of the folks who put on the Beacon House Celebrity Golf Classic for asking us to take part in this special event.  A great day on the Greywalls Golf Course and a special reception and auction at the UpFront and Company in Marquette, MI resulted in over 100-thousand dollars being raised for the Beacon House.

It was an absolute ball for us to be a part of it and we hope to do it again next year.

NFL Football Maven Steve Mariucci and the Gopher.


Thanks again to all of the organizers, volunteers and staff who made the day a fantastic experience.


– Walt L.

For more information about the Beacon House, please click “HERE“.


For more photos from the festivities, please click “HERE” to check out the Morning Show facebook page and the gallery.

The Shrine Circus Comes To Marquette, MI.

Bruce Lawry of Negaunee, a long time listener and Ahmed Shriner called in to the Mark and Walt in the Morning Show to tell folks about the Shrine Circus coming to the Lakeview Arena in Marquette next week on Monday and Tuesday.

He also told us about another Ahmed Shriner event that starts on Friday, the 13-th of May, the annual Vidalia Onion sale.  It will be held around the Upper Peninsula and in order to find out more about the sale and the circus, listen to the interview with Bruce by clicking “HERE“.  You can find out more about the Ahmed Shriners by clicking “HERE“.



Sometimes the ol’ Mark and Walt in the Morning show is a fully packed deal.  Sometimes it isn’t.  Today was filled to the gills!!  Of course, that’s the way we like it around here.  Triple-booked and stuffed with information.

In fact, the whole week has been pretty busy around these parts.  in one week, we’ve covered food drives, labor rallies, Easter church services, veterans affairs, economic and educational programs and a whole lot more!

Whew!! No wonder Friday feels so darn good this time around!




Dick Derby, organizer of the Project Ishpeming Food Pantry, called in with an update on the effort.  He talked about the distribution of 4000 bags earlier this week in the Ishpeming and west Ishpeming areas.  The second half of the effort happens tomorrow.  Starting at 10-am, volunteers will be traversing the streets, picking up the bags, which will be filled by community members with non-perishable food items, paper products and toiletries.

Those items will then be taken to the Ishpeming Salvation Army and the Ishpeming St. Vincent DePaul and will be split between the two agencies for distribution for the needy in the community.

To listen to the interview with Dick, please click “HERE“.




Tom Baldini, immediate past president of the Economic Club of Marquette County, joined us today to preview the next speaker coming to Marquette.  The dinner will be held this Monday at 6-pm at the Ramada Inn in Marquette and will two speakers.  They are Sam Watson and Peter Schonfield with the Michigan Hospital Association.

The dinner will be the final one for the season, but there is still time to register to attend.  It must be done, however, by this evening!  To listen to the interview with Tom, please click “HERE“.  To log on to the Economic Club of Marquette County’s website, please click “HERE“.




Karen Anderson, CEO and Superintendent at North Star Academy in Marquette visited the studios today to discuss an innovative and unique learning opportunity aimed at area seventh graders.  The program will get kids out of the classroom and give them a chance to “get their hands dirty” by doing a project outside of the school facility.

There are a handful of slots left in the class for any interested seventh graders to get involved, and you can click “HERE” to listen to the interview to find out more information.  To visit the North Star Academy website, please click “HERE“.




Wow!  That’s one packed show!  Now, I believe it’s time for the weekend and time to relax!  So as I always say,







Today is National Kick Butts Day, which is another organized effort to get people to cut down and eliminate smoking from their daily routines.  It’s also the day that I met my new temporary morning show partner.

You see, Mark will be away from the office during the first week of next month, and instead of  doing the show just by myself, we’ve brought in Jack Rabbit.  He’s a seasoned radio veteran and was actually one of the first vegetarians I ever met in this business!

So be sure to tune in during the first week of April as we hop to it and bring you “Jack ‘n Walt in the Morning”.  No…wait a minute…that name doesn’t sound right, does it?  I’ll have to work on that!




George Sedlacek, Director of the Community Health Division of the Marquette County Health Department, stopped in the Sunny Studios this morning to talk about Kick Butts Day, which is today. He discussed how the effort works to help discourage continuing cigarette smoking in adults and the starting of smoking in youth.

He also gave us some eye-opening statistics about how much money is frittered away if you smoke one pack a day over twenty years.  Not only is it an unhealthy and dangerous habit, it’s downright EXPENSIVE!

Take a moment and listen to the interview by clicking “HERE“.  You can also visit the Marquette County Health Department website by clicking “HERE“.



A unique day to say the least.   Just the way I like it!  See you again soon!