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Director Carrie Seavoy and Lead Actor Allison Hyttinen and some guy named Bob from The Secret Garden.

MARQUETTE, MI – Great Lakes Radio News – The children’s classic story “The Secret Garden” is being presented as a family-friendly musical at the Lake Superior Theater in Marquette, MI.  The show features a large cast of multi-generational actors and is a mix of music and captivating storytelling.

Carrie Seavoy, the director and Allison Hyytinen, the show’s lead stopped by the Sunny Studios to discuss the play with Walt Lindala.  The pair outlined the run of the show and what it’s about as well as experiences they’ve gained from doing the production.   The show is being produced at the Frazier Boathouse Lake Superior Theater as other productions.

To listen to the interview with Carrie and Allison, please click “HERE“.  To find out more about this latest production and more about the Lake Superior Theater, please click “HERE“.