The One And Only Cookieman.

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – For the last 25 years, Little Lake, MI has come alive with motorcycles, music and fun every July for the kids at Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay, MI.  This year is no different.

The legendary Cookieman joined Sunny 101.9’s Mark and Walt in the Morning today to preview the 25th Annual Harley Owner’s Group Ride-in and Motorcycle Show to benefit Bay Cliff.  Cookie outlined the activities planned for July 16-th at the American Legion Post 349 in Little Lake.  With everything from a motorcycle show to a spaghetti feed, it will be a great way to spend a day and help out the kids at Bay Cliff.

To listen to the interview with Cookieman, please click “HERE“.

Dawn Johnson from Cruise-N-Coffee

MARQUETTE, MI (Great Lakes Radio News) – Marquette County’s Cruise -N- Coffee has announced the results of their recent Charity Week effort to benefit Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay, MI.

Dawn Johnson, spokesperson for Cruise N-Coffee joined Sunny 101.9’s Mark and Walt in the Morning today to let the listeners know how much money was taken in over the week.  According to Johnson,  $508.00 was raised in the effort.  All of the proceeds will go to fund youth program assistance at Bay Cliff Health Camp.

To listen to the interview with Dawn and to hear more about where the money is going and how the local community helped out this great cause , please click “HERE“.  For more on Cruise -N-Coffee, please click “HERE“.


Cruise-N-Coffee's Dawn Johnson

(MARQUETTE, MI) – One of Marquette County’s most popular local businesses is making it easy for you to giving back to our community this week.  Cruise-N-Coffee is hosting another Charity Week this week and is benefiting Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay, MI.

If you stop by either Cruise-N-Coffee location in Marquette, 25 cents from any Grande drink, or the daily special, will go into the fund to benefit Bay Cliff.  Dawn Johnson, from Cruise-N-Coffee, joined Mark and Walt in the Morning today to tell everyone about this week’s program.  She also explained why the folks at Cruise-N-Coffee want to this and other community-based fund raisers.

To listen to the complete interview with Dawn Johnson, please click “HERE“.  To find out more about Cruise-N-Coffee and their charity giving, please click “HERE“.

Tim Bennett, Executive Director of Bay Cliff Health Camp.

Tim Bennett, Executive Director of Bay Cliff Health Camp, stopped by the Sunny Studios to give us a re-cap of the Green Bay Packers Tailgate Tour stop at the Superior Dome in Marquette, MI.

He gave us the full rundown of the successes of the event and thanksed all of the volunteers and supporters who made the event a full-on success.

To listen to Tim’s interview, please click “HERE“.   To visit the website of the Bay Cliff Health Camp, please click “HERE“.

The Superior Dome in Marquette, MI was the first stop on the Green Bay Packers’ Tailgate Tour.  Approximately 5,000 Packer faithful came out from across Upper Michigan to welcome three generations of Packers players and the four World Championship Lombardi Trophies to the U.P.  Current Packers Desmond Bishop, Matt Flynn and Josh Sitton joined Packer alums Gilbert Brown, Antonio Freeman, Dorsey Levens, Forrest Gregg and Jim Taylor as well as President and CEO Mark Murphy for a night of football fun.

The event was organized as a benefit for Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay, MI, with all proceeds raised going to supplement their program and operational expenses.  Early estimates placed last night’s event as raising over $50,000 for Bay Cliff!

A fantastic turnout for a great cause!  Here’s a gallery of photos from last night’s Green Bay Packer Tailgate Tour stop at the Superior Dome:

The Green Bay Packer Bus rolls in to the Superior Dome.

The Packers and the Lombardi trophy touch down in Marquette, MI!

Taking the Lombardi to the people!

Forrest Gregg shares the Lombardi with a young fan.

The crowd welcomes the players to Marquette, MI.

The players make their way to the stage.

The legends greet the crowd.

The players check out the crowd.

The guests of the evening on stage.

The Packer faithful cheer on the Pack!

Gilbert Brown puts dinner on the table!

Bill Tibor and yours truly by the Packer Bus.

Bill Tibor loves the bus!

Mike Coyne - President, Bay Cliff Health Camp Board Of Directors

Mike Coyne, President of the Board of Directors for Bay Cliff Health Camp, joined Walt Lindala to update listeners on the Green Bay Packers Tailgate Tour that is coming to Marquette next week.

He explained how the entire effort is a fundraiser for the Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay and how this particular stop on this tour is the largest stop on their tour.  Thousands of tickets have been sold so far, but he assured everyone that there are plenty left and the best option to to get them now would be to get them at the door.

The event is this Tuesday at the Superior Dome in Marquette and runs from 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm.  For more information about the event and how it benefits Bay Cliff, please click “HERE” for the full interview.

Tim Bennett, Bay Cliff Camp Director

Tim Bennett, Camp Director at Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay joined Mark and Walt to preview the Green Bay Packers Tailgate Tour stop in Marquette next week that will benefit Bay Cliff.  The event runs from 4-pm to 8:30-pm at the Superior Dome and will feature current and past Packers as well as team management.

Tim explained how this event came to be and what other activities will be available at the Dome for folks to enjoy.  He did stress that since the Packers have never done an event like this in Upper Michigan, he wants all of the Yooper Packer fans to come out and “PACK” the place and give them a rousing welcome.

General admission tickets are only $5.00 and are available at several locations around the Upper Peninsula and also online through the website for Bay Cliff.  All proceeds raised at this unique event will go to benefit programs and projects at Bay Cliff Health Camp.

To listen to the interview with Tim, please click “HERE“.  To visit Bay Cliff’s website, please click “HERE“.