The 20-millionth Ford car rolls off of the assembly line in 1931 with Henry Ford behind the wheel.

In one of those fun turns of events, I discovered an unique piece of automotive history today.  As a car buff, I was surprised to find out about a local connection to America’s corporate history right here in the U.P.!

It’s all part of the Model A Ford Club of America’s Convention coming to Marquette County next summer.  As part of the festivities of the event, the 20-millionth car produced by Ford Motor Company will be displayed.  The car is a 1931 Model A sedan and has a direct connection to my hometown of Chassell, MI.

The fully restored 20-millionth Ford car on display downstate. This car will be in Marquette next summer.

The long and short of the story is that the car was produced in 1931, toured the country for a year, then went on display at a Ford Museum and was eventually sold as surplus.

The family that bought it in 1940 was the Liimatainens from Chassell and Aura.  After the father drove the Model A for almost 20 years, it was put into storage in a garage in Aura.  That’s where it sat from 1960 to 2000, when it was confirmed by automotive historians to be the 20-millionth Ford car and was leased back to the company and was fully restored.

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I love this kind of stuff!

-Walt L.