Yesterday was one of those days where I felt the passage of time and the winds of change blowing around me.  Governor Jennifer Granholm was in Marquette as part of a tour of locations around the Upper Peninsula that was concluding with a stop at the U.P. State Fair in Escanaba for Governor’s Day activities.  As part of the run through Marquette, she was on campus at Northern Michigan University to do a presentation on the economic future of the state.  She also agreed to do a “Media Meet” taping at the campus Public TV station while she was in town.  For all intents and purposes, this was most likely her last scheduled trip to the U.P. prior her stepping down after two terms as Governor.  I was asked to be on the news panel and was happy to take part in the show.


As we were preparing to record the episode, the issue of this being her last Media Meet came up and she mentioned that it was going to be kind of sad for her to not do the show anymore.  Then she said to me that she recalled doing the show several times over the years with me as a panelist and that we had done some of the first ones when she was still Attorney General.  It struck me that that would have been nearly ten years ago.

Then I looked to my right at the host of the show, Bill Hart and remembered when he was my boss when I started working at the campus Public Radio station in 1987.  Then to my left was Nicole Walton, who is currently the News Director at Public Radio 90,  and I remembered training her in when she started at PR 90 shortly after I did.  (Some of you may remember her when she worked at Sunny for a while as well.)

It was a funny feeling, to say the least, when the passage of over two decades of time seemed to culminate in that one moment sitting on the set of the show.  It can be a depressing thing sometimes when things like that happen, but I have to say that for me, it was a cool moment to stop and look around and see people like Bill who have been influential in my broadcasting career and be considered a colleague.  It’s also enjoyable to see someone that I helped out get started in their career in radio being a success as well.  And I have to admit, it’s nice to still be in the game myself!

After the taping was over, Governor Granholm gave me a few minutes to before she was whisked off to another event across campus to answer a few questions about some of the economic challenges we are facing in the state and how businesses in the U.P. are responding to those challenges.  We also talked about what she is the most proud of in terms of her accomplishments as Michigan’s first female governor and what she is going to miss the most after she leaves office.

I have posted our chat “HERE” if you’d like to listen to her full comments.  The full Media Meet episode air this weekend on WNMU-TV Public TV 13.  You can click “HERE” to check for the schedule.