This happy couple is Steve and Karen Foster.  They are very good friends of mine.  Our friendship goes back to our college days.  I think I met Steve in about 1987 or so and we were roommates for a couple of years when we both were going to Northern Michigan University.  We were also both in the NMU chapter of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and remain in touch mostly through alumni activities of the school and the chapter.   The other photo is their son, Steve III.  He’s an active chap who is the perfect amalgamation of his mother and father.


The reason I’m writing this note in a slightly melancholy mood is that I received an e-mail message letting me know that Steve III is doing something that has made him into a personal “first” for me.  He has chosen to enroll at NMU for his college studies.  He is the first offspring of a college buddy of mine that is coming to go to school here.

It just gives me a bit of pause to stop and look at the time that has passed and leaves me wondering where it went?!?  Yes, I know that this year is the 25-th anniversary of my graduation from high school, that I graduated from Northern 21 years ago and that I’ve been married for just about as long, too.  Sometimes, though, you just sit back and wonder “What happened?”

Reflectively yours –