NMU Theater student Taylor Kulju.

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)– Some fun and interesting theater productions and events are underway this week in the Marquette area.

On campus at Northern Michigan University, the 10-minute Play Festival is underway at the James Panowski Black Box Theater in the McClintock building.

Taylor Kulju, a theater student at NMU joined Mark and Walt in the Morning recently to discuss the festival and what it is all about.  She discussed where the idea came from and also how she feels taking part in the event has made her a better theater performer and director.

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Dave Hansen and Jeff Spencer with Vertigo.

Also on stage in the Marquette area is a unique production of the Holiday Classic, “A Christmas Carol”.  This production is being mounted by the Vertigo Theater Company at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette and tells the familiar story of Scrooge, but in a slightly unorthodox way.

Jeff Spencer and Dave Hansen, cast members, joined Walt Lindala this week to explain how the show is different from some adaptations and is a sparse production with only a handful of actors.

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The Secret Garden - WKQS FM Studios - (906) 228-6800

Director Carrie Seavoy and Lead Actor Allison Hyttinen and some guy named Bob from The Secret Garden.

MARQUETTE, MI – Great Lakes Radio News – The children’s classic story “The Secret Garden” is being presented as a family-friendly musical at the Lake Superior Theater in Marquette, MI.  The show features a large cast of multi-generational actors and is a mix of music and captivating storytelling.

Carrie Seavoy, the director and Allison Hyytinen, the show’s lead stopped by the Sunny Studios to discuss the play with Walt Lindala.  The pair outlined the run of the show and what it’s about as well as experiences they’ve gained from doing the production.   The show is being produced at the Frazier Boathouse Lake Superior Theater as other productions.

To listen to the interview with Carrie and Allison, please click “HERE“.  To find out more about this latest production and more about the Lake Superior Theater, please click “HERE“.


Jeff Spencer

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – The Lake Superior Theater in Marquette, MI is presenting their latest production, “The Love List” over the next several days.  Cast members Jeff Spencer and Jacob Barbot joined Walt Lindala this morning to chat about this funny romantic comedy.

Spencer, who plays the lead role in the production, and Barbot, who plays a key supporting role in the story, outlined what the play is about and explained why it would make for a great bit of entertainment on a date night.


Jacob Barbot

They also made sure to let everyone know that thetheater, located off of Lake Shore Drive in the Frazier Boathouse, does have air conditioning, so you can enjoy the show in comfort.

They also talked about what has been fun for them, as actors, about doing the show and what has been the fun part working in the unique surroundings of the Frazier Boathouse.

To listen to the interview and find out more about the run of the show and how to get tickets, please click “HERE“.  For more about the Lake Superior Theater, please click “HERE“.




The show performers deliver a scene in the Sunny Studio.

Tina Harris, Educator at the Marquette Regional History Center joined Mark and Walt this morning to preview a special event next week in Marquette, MI.

“Turn Back The Dial – Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of WBEO Radio” is a special fund raising effort for the Marquette Regional History Center that will feature actors performing an old time radio show.  The event is coming up on Wednesday, May 18-th at 6:00pm at the new History Center on Spring Street in Marquette.

To listen to the interview with Tina, and to hear the cast perform a section of the show, please click “HERE“.  For more about the Marquette Regional History Center, please click “HERE” to visit their website.