Yours Truly with World Famous St. VINCE in Green Bay, WI.

Hey Folks!  I know I’ve made it no secret, nor has Mark, that this morning show is a Green Bay Packer friendly place.  We both love the Pack and cheer them on every season.

We are also true Packer fans who understand that although the team can have a great game going on the field, they can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on the turn of a dime.  We have watched Green Bay Football for years and we know the power the Packers have to screw up a game.

So it is with some guarded optimism we watch the team get off to a 3-and-0 start this year as the defending Super Bowl Champions.

As for that moniker, “defending Super Bowl Champions”, ask any true Packer fan what they felt like when the Pack won the whole block of cheese last year.   If they tell you any answer other than “shock and disbelief”, they’re not real Packer faithful.   Real Packer fans don’t carry an air of domination or swagger.  They know how lucky we are and don’t take any of it for granted.

So anyway, with a hearty “GO PACK GO!”, we cheer on the Green Bay Packers and hope for the best.  Ya gotta admit, things are going well so far!