Here it is.  Good Friday, just before Easter.  In Christian belief and doctrine, it was during this time period when Jesus Christ was crucified, died and was buried.  He then rose on the third day and ascended to Heaven and is seated at the right hand of God.

This is a very big deal. For devout Christians this is bigger than Christmas.  This is because the events of this time period reaffirm the core beliefs of death and resurrection, faith in God and belief in the return of Jesus.  And that is where I get worried.  Worried because of who we are as people.

Let’s say that the story of Jesus is true.  That the Christian teachings are true.  (I am not interested in a “Did Jesus really exist?” discussion here, so don’t bother.)  The teachings all say that Jesus will be returning someday to welcome the faithful into the Kingdom of Heaven.  This is wonderful!  Those who have the faith will be saved.  What more could you ask for?  The teachings and prophecies have lead the faithful home.  Unfortunately, we as people will probably screw it all up!

What I mean is, take a look at what we did to Jesus the first time around.  We nailed him to a wooden cross to die in the sun on a hilltop.  That’s pretty harsh!  It shows one of the ultimate truths about people:  We kill what we don’t know or understand.

I turn to Hollywood for a great example…the original 1951 sci-fi classic, “The Day The Earth Stood Still”.


For those of you not familiar with the story, an outer space alien named Klaatu comes to earth on a goodwill mission and we shoot him and wound him.  He’s chased and plotted after instead of being embraced as a messenger of hope.  Ultimately, he dies by our hand and is briefly resurrected by a large, all-powerful being…a robot named GORT.  It could have been a good thing, in fact, a great thing for humanity, but we mucked it up good!

It just makes me wonder what we (as a people) will do if and when Jesus comes back to Earth.  Will we believe it’s him?  Will we follow him or persecute him?  What if he doesn’t fit into our ideas of what he’s supposed to look like?


What if he looks like this guy here?  I don’t think it will go well.

I wish I had more faith in people.  I wish I could say that we would be accepting of those things that we do not understand.  I wish we could simply take the time to learn about the things we don’t know and understand and embrace them.  But I don’t.  I’m just a grumpy old cynic.

But I want to leave this writing with this thought:  Let’s try to learn about and understand the things we don’t know and let’s try to be fair, just and loving.

This is a very common thought and wish that transcends all beliefs and religions.  It’s also what Jesus taught and I think he’d go along with it!

This Easter weekend (and throughout the year), try to practice understanding and tolerance.  Take the time to learn about the things you don’t know and endeavor for peace.

It’s the right thing to do.