Gary Penhale and Gus Livermore - Negaunee Male Chorus

Gary Penhale and Gus Livermore with the Negaunee Male Chorus joined Mark and Walt to discuss their Spring Concert, “Upper Peninsula Rhapsody”.  The show is this Saturday at 7:00pm at the W.C. Peterson Auditorium in Ishpeming.

This family-friendly show will feature several selections with a decidedly “Yooper” theme and feel, and will be a fun night out for all.

To find out more about the show, please click “HERE” to listen to the interview with Gary and Gus.

Benefit Organizer Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller stopped in at the Sunny Studios to chat about a benefit for the Houghton/Neil family this weekend at Marquette Mountain in Marquette.  This event will raise funds for building materials to construct a comfortable living space for the children who were orphaned in a terrible case of domestic violence here in Marquette County.

On December 13, 2010 Brooke Houghton/Neil was the victim of a murder/suicide. She left behind four children, who currently reside with their Grandmother in Marquette. Unfortunately, the house they live in does not have adequate living space and unless the community steps up, Brooke’s kids will be split up and forced to live in different locations.

The benefit runs from 4-pm to 10-pm and features a spaghetti dinner as well as a wide variety of door prizes, family-friendly activities and much more.  For more information about the event, you can listen to the full interview with Lisa by clicking “HERE“.  You can log on to the official website for the fund raiser by clicking “HERE“.

Tim Bennett, Bay Cliff Camp Director

Tim Bennett, Camp Director at Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay joined Mark and Walt to preview the Green Bay Packers Tailgate Tour stop in Marquette next week that will benefit Bay Cliff.  The event runs from 4-pm to 8:30-pm at the Superior Dome and will feature current and past Packers as well as team management.

Tim explained how this event came to be and what other activities will be available at the Dome for folks to enjoy.  He did stress that since the Packers have never done an event like this in Upper Michigan, he wants all of the Yooper Packer fans to come out and “PACK” the place and give them a rousing welcome.

General admission tickets are only $5.00 and are available at several locations around the Upper Peninsula and also online through the website for Bay Cliff.  All proceeds raised at this unique event will go to benefit programs and projects at Bay Cliff Health Camp.

To listen to the interview with Tim, please click “HERE“.  To visit Bay Cliff’s website, please click “HERE“.


Jeff Spencer, the director, and Paige Graham, the lead actor of the Marquette Senior High School Theater production of  “The Diary of Anne Frank” stopped in  this morning to discuss the production of this familiar and challenging story.

The pair discussed the challenges of doing a production of a story that is well-known over generations and how this version is actually somewhat darker and realistic.  It’s not quite as “sanitized” as the popular version according to both Spencer and Graham.

The play runs this week at Kaufman Auditorium in Marquette and to find out more about the production and how you can get tickets, please click “HERE“.


Marybeth Kurtz, a member of the I.B.T.C. (Itty Bitty Titty Committee) from Negaunee, joined us to preview the “Pampered for Pink” fund raising event that is coming up this weekend.  The event is to raise funds to fight breast cancer and features about two dozen vendors for folks to sample and enjoy at the Negaunee Senior Center this Sunday.

The event runs from noon to 4-pm and only costs a $1.00  donation to take part.  Marybeth explained that this event is a fund raiser for the I.B.T.C. team that takes part in the annual AVON Walk for Breast Cancer.  The annual walk will be held this June 4th and 5th in Chicago.  All funds raised at this weekend’s “Pampered for Pink” event will go to the team to donate at the Walk in Chicago.

To listen to the interview with Marybeth, please click “HERE“.




Ann Brownell with the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter, or UPAWS, joined us today to preview their annual fund raiser the “Cause for Paws Benefit Dinner and Dance” on Saturday, May 7-th at the UpFront and Company in Marquette.

The event will feature a social hour, dinner and dancing and dozens of raffle and door prizes all to benefit UPAWS.  The event gets underway at 5:30 pm and tickets can be picked up at several locations around Marquette County and online at the UPAWS website.

For more information about the event as well as other activities at the UPAWS shelter, please click “HERE” to listen to the interview with Ann Brownell.  To log on to the UPAWS website, please click “HERE“.




Gary Gustafson from Marquette General Health Systems called in this week to remind our listeners about a special program coming up this weekend in Marquette designed to increase the safety and awareness of teenage drivers here in our community.

The Marquette General Trauma Department, in conjunction with AAA Michigan, will host a free Teen Driver/Parent Conference from 9 a.m. – 3:15 a.m. on Saturday, April 30 in Conference Room 1 at Marquette General Hospital.
The free conference is designed for new teen drivers or teens who are taking drivers education. There will be presentations from 9 a.m. – 12:10 p.m., with driving simulations to follow from 12:15 – 3:15 p.m.
The registration deadline has been extended and there still are some slots available.
Click “HERE” to listen to the interview with Gary.  For more information, please click “HERE“.



Here it is.  Good Friday, just before Easter.  In Christian belief and doctrine, it was during this time period when Jesus Christ was crucified, died and was buried.  He then rose on the third day and ascended to Heaven and is seated at the right hand of God.

This is a very big deal. For devout Christians this is bigger than Christmas.  This is because the events of this time period reaffirm the core beliefs of death and resurrection, faith in God and belief in the return of Jesus.  And that is where I get worried.  Worried because of who we are as people.

Let’s say that the story of Jesus is true.  That the Christian teachings are true.  (I am not interested in a “Did Jesus really exist?” discussion here, so don’t bother.)  The teachings all say that Jesus will be returning someday to welcome the faithful into the Kingdom of Heaven.  This is wonderful!  Those who have the faith will be saved.  What more could you ask for?  The teachings and prophecies have lead the faithful home.  Unfortunately, we as people will probably screw it all up!

What I mean is, take a look at what we did to Jesus the first time around.  We nailed him to a wooden cross to die in the sun on a hilltop.  That’s pretty harsh!  It shows one of the ultimate truths about people:  We kill what we don’t know or understand.

I turn to Hollywood for a great example…the original 1951 sci-fi classic, “The Day The Earth Stood Still”.


For those of you not familiar with the story, an outer space alien named Klaatu comes to earth on a goodwill mission and we shoot him and wound him.  He’s chased and plotted after instead of being embraced as a messenger of hope.  Ultimately, he dies by our hand and is briefly resurrected by a large, all-powerful being…a robot named GORT.  It could have been a good thing, in fact, a great thing for humanity, but we mucked it up good!

It just makes me wonder what we (as a people) will do if and when Jesus comes back to Earth.  Will we believe it’s him?  Will we follow him or persecute him?  What if he doesn’t fit into our ideas of what he’s supposed to look like?


What if he looks like this guy here?  I don’t think it will go well.

I wish I had more faith in people.  I wish I could say that we would be accepting of those things that we do not understand.  I wish we could simply take the time to learn about the things we don’t know and understand and embrace them.  But I don’t.  I’m just a grumpy old cynic.

But I want to leave this writing with this thought:  Let’s try to learn about and understand the things we don’t know and let’s try to be fair, just and loving.

This is a very common thought and wish that transcends all beliefs and religions.  It’s also what Jesus taught and I think he’d go along with it!

This Easter weekend (and throughout the year), try to practice understanding and tolerance.  Take the time to learn about the things you don’t know and endeavor for peace.

It’s the right thing to do.





Paul Olson with the Great Lakes Center for Youth Development stopped in at our studios to present some of the findings from a recent survey of developmental assets for youth in Marquette and Alger Counties done by the agency.

According to the results, there has a significant improvement in the assets that an average area youth will be experiencing as they mature into adulthood.  There also were statistical findings that showed that youth in Marquette and Alger Counties were engaging less in high-risk behaviors such as binge drinking and smoking.

Olson also explained what these “developmental assets” are and what the Great Lakes Center For Youth Development will be doing with the findings of this latest survey.

To listen to the interview with Paul Olson, please click “HERE“.  To log on to the GLCYD website, please click “HERE“.


Sam Crowley joined us from the YMCA of Marquette County for the latest “Y” Wednesday update.  He discussed the upcoming RUN/WALK for a cause that is being held this Saturday at the YMCA in Marquette.  The event features a series of runs and walks for all age and skill levels. The goal of the event is to get families outside and engaging in activities together and to raise funds for the Strong Kids Scholarship Campaign.

He also talked about a series of activities having to do with water safety and recreational opportunities while enjoying the water.  The events are being held under the name of Splash Week at the Marquette “Y” May 4th through the 7th and are open to the public.

To listen to the interview with Sam Crowley, please click “HERE“.  To log on to the website of the YMCA of Marquette County, please click “HERE“.